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It's a family reunion!

You never know WHAT might show up here, so come back and check it out now and then. Would you like to add some pictures, some family stories? Email the Master Tweaker, [aka, webmaster], send your great stuff and photos, drawings by the grand kids or whatever. It will magically appear. Cross your fingers, if the creek don't rise it will even end up on the right branch of the family tree! We have Davies, Stelting, Fields, Rubelt, Nelsen, and the list goes on! This can be genealogy too, so if someone wants a picture of great grandma, or the old homestead, lets find out if someone else has one and we can put it up.

Guestbook temporarily disfunctional! Back soon




Some of these pictures will be mixed with Davies, fancy that!



And more....will get pics up before too long....



Davies Genealogy

Each picture links to the main page for that surname....with further links to be found there. For the 'family tree', click on the genealogy link under the picture.