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If your ads aren't paying off then you need this quick method in writing order pulling ads:

Step 1 - Write a headline that will draw attention to your product or service. Don't write headlines with phras§es like: Attention please!! Create headlines that IMMEDIATELY let people know what you are selling. If you have envelopes for sale at a discount, use a headline which says: Discount Envelopes.

Step 2 - Don't confuse the reader with several different offers in one ad. Use more space if you intend to advertise several offers. If only one inch of ad space is being used, then sell only one item. An example of copy that would describe Discount Envelopes would read as follows: "Discount Envelopes. All Sizes and All Styles. Descriptive catalog available FREE with your order for 100 #10 Business Envelopes imprinted with up to 4 lines. $3.95 Ppd. Catalog without order, 25ó."

Step 3 - An ad that sells GENERAL MERCHANDISE or services that can be used by most individuals can be advertised in any publication. Offers such as stamps should be advertised thusly.



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