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We Purchased the Entire Inventory of Original Mai Tai ties! All ready made stock offered at one time only special price....... These are the famous Mai Tai from Jacksonville Oregon. Your choice: $5.95 plus s&h

Custom Ties? You bet, we can make just what you need. Email us your preferences and we'll let you know when to expect delivery.

Get YOUR Mai Tai now on this special inventory reduction.

$5.95 each + $3.00 shipping & handling

Click on Group # and select your tie.

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Custom Ties: Contact us at . Remember, the ones above are offered at a special reduced rate. Custom ties can be specially created for you at a slightly higher price, $24.95

We have a wide selection of designer and novelty fabrics; classy to comic, bold to subdued, country, floral, seasonal and more. Email us with your preferences and we can show you some fabrics to select from. Once your choice is made, our tailor will construct your tie and we will work out all the little details, payment and shipping!

Looking for something else interesting? Don't forget to stop in at The Homestead Store


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